Ancient phytotherapist - Melilotus officinalis
In the Crimea are growing four types of clover: white, Neapolitan, drug and Crimea. Learn these plants are on long axillary bright yellow, yellowish or white inflorescences racemose, papilionaceous rims,…

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Seven recipes from potions of the ancient Slavs
Earlier we told you, what methods were used by our ancestors to cure their disease. Now we want to present you a few of the recipes used by the ancient…

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Folk remedies (recipes) to the health and beauty of hair

How to make your hair healthy?

T o healthy hair once a week instead of shampoo, use a decoction of nettles, and do it at night.

A liter of water add 100 g fresh nettles, add a pint of vinegar and boil the mixture on low heat for half an hour. Strain the broth and add to the water to wash a head (2-3 cups of the basin). Hair wash this diluted broth and dry towel. Broth store in refrigerator until next use.

After this procedure, hair is soft, shiny, manageable and will better grow.

T o maintain the health of your hair, you can use a conditioner prepared according to a folk recipe:

P trebuetsya: aloe Vera juice – 1/4 Cup, half of lemon essential oil (for relaxing effect of peppermint, for a stimulating – rosemary or lavender) 3 drops.

Mix everything and to damp clean hair, apply the mixture. After 3 minutes rinse with water.

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Folk remedies for the treatment of diabetes

Is it possible to cure diabetes folk remedies? The question, of course, difficult. Of course the medical system does not benefit from such an approach, therefore, adopted similar methods to keep silent. At any stage of the disease, as well as mild forms of diabetes is quite possible the rapid correction of the condition using traditional methods.

In the first place should focus on the diet. Everything that enters the stomach, should be strictly controlled and in addition, should give up meat, dairy, flour and potatoes. Food should be fresh and natural and without toxic dyes, flavors and enhancers. The latter tend to Deposit in the body.

As for the cakes, chocolates and other sweets, diabetic menu shouldn’t be at all. This applies to pasta, yeast bread.

Favorably affect the course of diabetes, the following group of products:

Should eat frequently (about 6 times a day), but in small portions.

Diet plays a crucial role in the treatment and prevention of complications of the disease, but if it is supplemented by the recipes of traditional medicine, can be cured in a short time. Continue reading

Seven recipes from potions of the ancient Slavs

Earlier we told you, what methods were used by our ancestors to cure their disease. Now we want to present you a few of the recipes used by the ancient Slavs.

For getting rid of tobacco dependence

To get rid of addiction to tobacco, this recipe was used by the Cossacks. 50 g roots of Angelica and 50 g of grass immortelle, yarrow, wormwood and St. John’s wort grind, pour 1 tablespoon of this mixture 750 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes and keep in a sealed container in a water bath. To insist 45 minutes, strain and take 200 ml 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

Treatment — resistant aversion to tobacco.

Attention: during treatment not use alcohol.

To improve memory

Came up with this recipe another Slavic healers. Grate carrots on a coarse or fine grater, to add light seedless raisins, ground or chopped walnuts, and fill all this with sour cream. This salad will help to refresh the brain cells and improve its supply of blood. However, for this salad you need to eat constantly, at least once a day. Continue reading

Recipes of natural masks at home
Homemade recipes of youth and beauty . this is a simple traditional recipes from natural ingredients. Many century beauties from around the world kept the secrets of youthful skin, using…


After a course of Dolphin-assisted therapy for the blind she began to see
Sofia is 5.5 years old, but looks much younger than she is and walks, just holding hands adult. The baby was born prematurely, soon the doctors diagnosed cerebral palsy. Such…

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