Since ancient times in Russia bath was considered immutable attribute of a healthy lifestyle of any person. Indeed, the advantages of the bath is much greater than the disadvantages. And…

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Artichoke - medicinal properties and use in medicine
The artichoke is a herbaceous plant with large inflorescences, which belongs to the family Asteraceae. Has a gray-green, branched, erect stem to 2 m tall. Its flowers are purple-blue to…

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Alternative medicine is a serious danger

Despite the existence of effective treatments, continuous research and development of new drugs, still in Russia and the Crimea there is such a thing as “alternative medicine”.

As has told the chief of Department on public relations of the Department for international relations and information policy the University named after V. I. Vernadsky, candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Viktor Bidco, Crimeans turning to healers and medicine men, often do not realize how much risk they put their health and sometimes life.

“If you view ads “healers”, we can see that most of them are the same type: cure all in a row without expensive drugs with warranty. In this case, did not specify any place of provision of services, no qualification or license to conduct a particular service or not”, — noted Victor Bidco.

He recalled that in medicine the main thing — time and properly diagnose the patient and to achieve positive results. And questionable diagnostic and treatment methods negatively affect health. Therefore, the choice of treatment should be treated thoughtfully.

“Today tested methods of laser therapy, leech therapy, magnet therapy,ultrazvukovye and many others. At the Medical Academy Kazan Federal University is actively conducted research work. In particular, actual and perspective are the programs on balneology, ecology, tuberculosis, Oncology, diabetes, protection of maternity and childhood, HIV. In addition, four clinical departments of the Academy are conducted drug trials on concluded international agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies”, — said the Director of the Department. Continue reading

Traditional medicine

The alchemy of scents “Zapachowy body played a delightfully invigorating “herbal Capriccio” — rippling arpeggios of thyme and lavender, rosemary, Myrtle, tarragon; a series of daring modulations through the whole range etc.

Ayurveda is an ancient science of health and beauty we All want to be beautiful, healthy and live long. But somehow, miraculous means by which the neighbor has found a second youth, etc.

Ayurveda: a healthy body – healthy mind alternative medicine is gaining more and more adherents. Recent scientific studies confirm that treatment without medication is possible and.

Struggling with the spring cold Spring we are often catches a cold. Pharmacy medicines give good effect, but in a weakened body chances of side effects. In addition, any FA.

Vampirism for the benefit of the Leech omnipresent. They are found worldwide, except Arctic and Antarctica. The main distinguishing feature of all 400 species of these animals belonging to the class of freshwater.

The rope of death In the early 90-ies on the screens of South America came the film “the emerald forest”. Far from a film masterpiece, but still exciting with its exotic the film narrates the story, in particular about t

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How to enlarge penis. Traditional medicine

In the pursuit of centimeters, men are often reluctant to resort to surgery, looking for possible alternatives. Often to find acceptable ways to penis enlargement. many climb with this issue in the Internet. And immediately stumble upon various websites selling miracle medicine for a mad price. Stop, you better stop, since this is all a Scam, also life-threatening. So not bypassed this aspect of life and traditional medicine, resorting to the experience of early generations. A certain systematization of these methods are not, and we decided to simplify your task, gathering in this article the most popular folk remedies penis enlargement.

The first method is massage, rather the massage. Consists of two phases – training and the massage. In order to prepare the penis to massage, cut a small piece of any soft tissue. Moisten the cloth with warm water and squeeze the excess. And wrap a warm wet cloth to the penis to improve blood flow. Keep the cloth for three minutes, then repeat the procedure. Dry your penis. All preparation is complete. This exercise you stretch the skin and improved blood circulation. You can now proceed to the massage, which can be done both standing and sitting. Squeeze the glans penis, but not much, so as not to cause pain, not damage. Then take and pull the member aside to vozniknoveniya, then freeze for five minutes in this position. Return to the starting position, do a light massage to restore blood flow. Repeat the stretching on the sides, change direction each time. Don’t forget to restore blood flow and allow the penis to rest, not to overdo it. At the end of the massage, take penis in hand and pull from myself, hold on a minute. After that squeeze the member approximately 10 times. All massage is over. The only fear of this massage is that you can damage the dorsal nerve, so try to do everything slowly, without sudden movements without pain. After 3-4 months of regular practice you will notice the result. About the jelqing exercises read in this article. Continue reading