Treatment of oral cancer in Germany
Submit the online application, the processing of applications is free of charge, within two hours you will receive a consultation. Oral cancer is the most common form of this disease,…

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The benefits and harms from sunflower seeds
Few people, who wouldn't love sunflower seeds, many use them systematically throughout life. In Russia the seeds came after the discovery of America by Columbus. Initially sunflower seeds was considered…

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Chinese medicine

Life energy CHI

In accordance with the principles of the East and, in particular, Chinese medicine, every living organism characterized by the presence of vital energy – CHI (or QI). As evidenced in Chinese medicine, the energy potential of each person. Half of it is determined by genetic heredity, the other half depends on the choice of his PATH, his ability to harmoniously coexist with the surrounding world, to Orient themselves in space and time – that is, from the lifestyles and thoughts of a person.

The vital energy CHI must flow freely and easily circulate through the so-called energy meridians in the body that ensures normal activity and functioning. Chinese traditional medicine claims that it is a violation of this circulation leads to disease.

Chinese medicine on the human body

The basis of Chinese medicine is the statement: the human body is a very complex evolving system and its inextricable links with the outside world (through breath, touch, sight, hearing, spiritual experience). Scientific and technical progress in the last hundred years has largely transformed the living space of people. Continue reading

Phytotherapy as a means of alternative medicine

Attitude to alternative medicine is ambiguous, but in many cases it can be an effective addition to curative procedures and drugs, which are attributed to the doctors. The usual methods of treatment sometimes can be replaced with herbal medicine or aromatherapy. Importantly, the method of treatment should be appointed by a qualified technician and only after a thorough examination. The basic techniques of alternative medicine checked already not one century.

Most often people turn to healing recipes herbal medicine. If you consider that to be treated people started in primitive times, only herbal medicine could provide some help. Chemical medications were not, and the healing properties of herbs was pasaulis on experience very quickly. And today, medicinal plants are used frequently and effectively. They have some advantages over pharmacological products, as are softer, the body gets used to them. Some recipes for the treatment of illness, even very nice, who refuses with a cold drink hot tea of thyme or raspberry branches. But herbal medicine has its strict rules and restrictions. Administration of decoctions, tinctures has a specific dosage, there are requirements to collect herbs themselves. You need to take herbal drugs for some time before eating or some time after. Continue reading

10 grandma’s tips that will turn you into a beauty!

Not always healthy beauty a result of enhanced rubbing into the skin expensive cosmetics. Excellent appearance in adulthood is often the result of the hard work on your lifestyle and habits. Grandma’s old notebooks sometimes keep things very entertaining…

Following the tips tested by many generations of beauties, you will keep a youthful and healthy skin for years to come!

Grandma’s beauty recipes

For healing the digestive system and gently cleanse the intestines every morning before Breakfast eat 1 tbsp of flax seeds . chewing thoroughly and drinking water. Correct operation of the digestive system are immediately reflected on the skin wipes out minor inflammation, redness, excessive greasiness, improves the complexion.

For ease of use can grind the seeds in a coffee grinder. Because flax has a strong choleretic effect, use it with caution, especially if you have gallstones. To maintain normal body weight daily consume 150 grams of cooked beetroot . Beet betaine, which is not destroyed by heat treatment, regulates fat metabolism. In addition, this root vegetable is extremely useful to cleanse the blood. Daily eat a handful of any nuts . that’s more your taste. Continue reading