Traditional medicine
Traditional medicine - an amazing gift that exists in nature for the treatment of our body. Unfortunately we are not always ready and willing to use this gift of nature…

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Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies
Most often, osteochondrosis (disease of spine) finds himself in people over 40 years, but its first manifestation is often seen in 20-30 years and even into adolescence. When degenerative disc…

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People’s ways of deliverance from alcohol addiction is focused on to to develop the patient complete aversion to alcohol. The man who once lived only a thought about the glass begins to hate the object of his former passion. From the mere smell of alcohol can trigger off a gag reflex. Such people are unlikely to consume alcoholic beverages in the future.

Traditional methods of treatment of alcoholism involve not only the use of special tools . but further moral impact on the patient. This is necessary in order to persons I understood that repeated withdrawal in a binge can cause terrible consequences. The man who has not learned that regular consumption of alcohol inevitably leads to the development of alcoholism, cannot be considered healthy.


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Stevia: description, properties and use of plants

Stevia honey — the representative of the family Asteraceae. A perennial herb in the form of a Bush with high stems (60 to 120 cm). Flowers white, collected in inflorescence, seeds are small.

In the wild it grows in Central and South America. Because the benefits of stevia are recognized by official medicine, it is cultivated in Asia, Europe (including Ukraine). Medicinal properties have leaves of stevia. They are rich in flavonoids, vitamins C, A, E, R, glycosides (stevioside, etc.), polysaccharides, micronutrients. Contain fiber, essential oils and tannins.

Procurement of raw materials

Suitable for harvesting both the leaves and the grass (stems with leaves) stevia. The raw materials procurement begin during the phase of budding and flowering: it was then in the leaves the concentration of stevioside maximum.

The plant is cut at a height of 5-10 cm above the ground. After that display on paper or hung, tied in small bundles. You can separate the leaves from the stems. With one Bush will get about 5 lbs. light Dry in a ventilated room or in the sun. In hot weather the thin layer of plant dries out in less than 10 hours. The less time taken for drying, the better raw materials. This is because every day the number of stevioside decreases.After drying, the leaves are picked. Store raw materials in a dry place for 2 years. Continue reading

10 grandma’s tips that will turn you into a beauty!

Not always healthy beauty a result of enhanced rubbing into the skin expensive cosmetics. Excellent appearance in adulthood is often the result of the hard work on your lifestyle and habits. Grandma’s old notebooks sometimes keep things very entertaining…

Following the tips tested by many generations of beauties, you will keep a youthful and healthy skin for years to come!

Grandma’s beauty recipes

For healing the digestive system and gently cleanse the intestines every morning before Breakfast eat 1 tbsp of flax seeds . chewing thoroughly and drinking water. Correct operation of the digestive system are immediately reflected on the skin wipes out minor inflammation, redness, excessive greasiness, improves the complexion.

For ease of use can grind the seeds in a coffee grinder. Because flax has a strong choleretic effect, use it with caution, especially if you have gallstones. To maintain normal body weight daily consume 150 grams of cooked beetroot . Beet betaine, which is not destroyed by heat treatment, regulates fat metabolism. In addition, this root vegetable is extremely useful to cleanse the blood. Daily eat a handful of any nuts . that’s more your taste. Continue reading