Phytotherapy as a means of alternative medicine
Attitude to alternative medicine is ambiguous, but in many cases it can be an effective addition to curative procedures and drugs, which are attributed to the doctors. The usual methods…

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Traditional recipes of beauty of oatmeal: oatmeal for beauty
Oatmeal for Breakfast is the best way to start the day. In this cereal contains fiber, which effectively affects the entire body. Also oatmeal since ancient times used as a…

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Urine therapy. Think twice.

When you say that word, personally, I have goose bumps… Well, judge for yourself, is it okay to return the body that they were thrown out ?

Even in a healthy person, urine contains harmful substances, but if something is sick, the drinking of urine even dangerous for life . Doctors regularly reported that urine therapy is harmful to the liver, kidneys and other organs, known cases of gonorrheal conjunctivitis to wash the eyes with urine and the contact of urine with open wounds can lead to rotting of wounds. Often when urine therapy vomiting, diarrhea, irritation of the stomach and intestines are just the beginning…


One of the medical sites I found saying the doctor urologist Sudarkina Igor Abramovich about the urine therapy: “In our body continually produces toxins, called endotoxins. They negatively affect all the vital processes, therefore, should be withdrawn from the body and not poisoning it . The urine output are all harmful to our body substances, products of metabolism, toxins. Therefore, it cannot be used for treatment. Practice of medicine does not accept such methods of treatment, urine therapy. As for my personal opinion, the urine therapy is quackery”. Continue reading

Chinese medicine

Life energy CHI

In accordance with the principles of the East and, in particular, Chinese medicine, every living organism characterized by the presence of vital energy – CHI (or QI). As evidenced in Chinese medicine, the energy potential of each person. Half of it is determined by genetic heredity, the other half depends on the choice of his PATH, his ability to harmoniously coexist with the surrounding world, to Orient themselves in space and time – that is, from the lifestyles and thoughts of a person.

The vital energy CHI must flow freely and easily circulate through the so-called energy meridians in the body that ensures normal activity and functioning. Chinese traditional medicine claims that it is a violation of this circulation leads to disease.

Chinese medicine on the human body

The basis of Chinese medicine is the statement: the human body is a very complex evolving system and its inextricable links with the outside world (through breath, touch, sight, hearing, spiritual experience). Scientific and technical progress in the last hundred years has largely transformed the living space of people. Continue reading

Ancient phytotherapist – Melilotus officinalis

In the Crimea are growing four types of clover: white, Neapolitan, drug and Crimea. Learn these plants are on long axillary bright yellow, yellowish or white inflorescences racemose, papilionaceous rims, globular or oval fruit pointed, toothed trifoliate leaves and stiff, erect stems. In fruits of sweet clover, one or two seed, a very long time remain viable up to 70 years.

Botanists call the Melilotus. “Meli” means honey, a lotus — flower, and all together read as “honey flower”. The clover is really excellent bee plant. Per hectare, sometimes up to half a ton of nectar, and because donnici called “honey clover”.

The quality of the honey in first-class. In it, 37 % glucose and 40 % fructose, color and clarity as the light amber and unique subtle aroma. The value of sweet clover as honey plants is increasing due to the fact that in the fall they bloom again, giving another fragrant honey harvest.

Read more about the smell. Neither in Crimea nor in other parts of the world other plants so lush, so to speak, and kind of flavor. It with any other not be confused, and therefore in times of Zaporizhian Sich (and even before) the don Cossacks recognized each other by smell of clover,which they poured in a pouch of tobacco. Continue reading