Artichoke - medicinal properties and use in medicine
The artichoke is a herbaceous plant with large inflorescences, which belongs to the family Asteraceae. Has a gray-green, branched, erect stem to 2 m tall. Its flowers are purple-blue to…

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Shamans and shamanism
The section "History and legends" contains the literary works of shamans and the shamans, their traditions and rituals. Here and many stories that gave us the heathen, and the famous…

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In the last years of medical University I, then Elena Selivanova, realized utopia of conventional medicine and classical homeopathy . applied science of psychology. Thanks to homeopathy I had to learn many psychotherapeutic techniques for better understanding and insight of the person. Just realizing basic deluzio of man, his core belief or delusion in life, you can find the right medication and help him.

The path itself is the path to harmony and happiness. At the heart of this journey – inner peace – balance point. For this purpose it is necessary to accept and love all of your pieces of the soul, good and not so good, they’re all just waiting for your love. To create love and to do love, this is my motto in life. Remember that Your happiness is always with You because it’s YOURS.

Here on Earth we go through all their lessons and I also. And the success of our study depends on the implementation in this world in creativity, in dreams, in business, for which you will have to answer to the Supreme. And this is what you do best, your divine essence and purpose.

In addition to the creativity we are in various relationships with people in which we pass our main lessons.This is the implementation in various guises – male/female, husband/wife, son/daughter, father/mother and so on. My way of life in etiketochnye comes from the awareness of the problems and frustration to acceptance, forgiveness, and creation of love and happiness.

The basis of my spiritual development are all Vedic knowledge about the system of the universe, which I learned in the Slavic School Radosvet under the leadership of Lada and Vladimir Kurovskoye, which opened me up to new possibilities in psychology and healing.

In the first place is a method of working with energy to Live life .

The living – goddess of life in all its manifestations, gives vitality, longevity, health, youth, healing, protects against disease, is a divine channel of light and joy.

After the initiation of Live, you get the gift of daylight and healing, channel heavenly energy comes Alive through the palms of the hands and allows the hands to treat the body, heal illness, relieve pain, clear space to work with past and future events to materialize, to put energy protection, create conspiracies, clean water, food, and more.

I have 4 level of dedication to Live and can initiate others in stage 1 and 2 Alive. 5 years I read the seminars on healing the Living and pass this knowledge to people.

You can contact me for healing sessions, and take dedication to Live and to learn to do it on their own, embarking on a path of Light.

My latest discoveries in healing are in the field of osteopathy. Studying this science at the International Academy of osteopathy doctor Artyomov in Moscow, I see in practice much quick response in the healing of the body, relief from spasms, pain, muscle clamps. Osteopathy is also a method of treatment for hands, body work aimed at the incorporation of self-regulation processes and balancing the body in an optimum mode.

This method has no equal when working with pregnant women, childbirth, newborns. Osteopathy is a very gentle method and does not give complications, as not exceeded the physiological barriers of the body.

So, at the junction of medicine, psychology and healing is born the Miracle of healing!

I sincerely wish You have good health, strong spirit, to learn to create your own world in harmony with the Universe, to beneficially interact with the world around them and to achieve maximum life height!