Stevia: description, properties and use of plants
Stevia honey — the representative of the family Asteraceae. A perennial herb in the form of a Bush with high stems (60 to 120 cm). Flowers white, collected in inflorescence,…

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Alternative medicine: advantages and disadvantages
Non-traditional (folk) medicine is a force of nature, and the treatment with the natural resources. It is believed that this method has positive effects on the body. Man is a…

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Traditional medicine

The alchemy of scents “Zapachowy body played a delightfully invigorating “herbal Capriccio” — rippling arpeggios of thyme and lavender, rosemary, Myrtle, tarragon; a series of daring modulations through the whole range etc.

Ayurveda is an ancient science of health and beauty we All want to be beautiful, healthy and live long. But somehow, miraculous means by which the neighbor has found a second youth, etc.

Ayurveda: a healthy body – healthy mind alternative medicine is gaining more and more adherents. Recent scientific studies confirm that treatment without medication is possible and.

Struggling with the spring cold Spring we are often catches a cold. Pharmacy medicines give good effect, but in a weakened body chances of side effects. In addition, any FA.

Vampirism for the benefit of the Leech omnipresent. They are found worldwide, except Arctic and Antarctica. The main distinguishing feature of all 400 species of these animals belonging to the class of freshwater.

The rope of death In the early 90-ies on the screens of South America came the film “the emerald forest”. Far from a film masterpiece, but still exciting with its exotic the film narrates the story, in particular about t

Secondary therapy in tobacco as adjuvant therapy can be used: to Dry in the shade shell of cancer, to grind it into a powder, a small amount of this on.

Dietary cold – three days instead of seven! Cold, as you know, a free app for the cold, the mess of melted snow under my feet and wading the collar of the wind. Seasonal squelch hoco.

Additional methods of treatment of the dropsy Very great interest in these pathologies, samolechenie. To prepare juice at home you only want to use St

Other means of folk medicine for the treatment of gastric ulcers Latest studies show that the existence in our stomach special type of microorganism causes the appearance of yaz.

Ginseng Siberian ginseng. This type of ginseng has a special role in strengthening the immune system and stabilize blood sugar levels. In patients with diabetes type I or type II daily dose of V.

From the history of the development of herbal medicine In recent years significantly increased the interest in herbal drugs, which are almost devoid of the drawbacks of synthetic antibiotics and other Lek.

The use of electromagnetic waves of optical range of Infrared rays – body irradiation rays with a wavelength of 3-4 thousand nm quanta of radiation accelerate the movement of electrons in orbits.

How to collect plants herbs – a wonderful, exciting experience for the whole family, which gives the possibility to observe nature, to understand its essence, and this brings human.

The stones that treated Our ancestors believed in the magical power of stones, and even carried a stone amulets, designed to preserve their health and bring good luck. It was believed that the stone, being at.

Medications Poseidon Elixir of eternal beauty and health, few drops of which can work a miracle, and not invented by… And for the preservation of eternal youth, we are ready to make the most risky.

Herbs: colds There is evidence that almost 90 per cent of all childhood diseases are imposed on the child. parents. Children under 12 years old are very closely connected with their parents, so Deputy

Dosage forms Infusions One teaspoon of herbs, pour into a Cup, pour boiling water, cover the Cup with a saucer or lid. After 20 minutes to prevent infusion of a teaspoon, as you Affairs.

Flying dragon, a running tiger In recent decades, Chinese medicine is incredibly popular all over the world. Many doctors, including followers of the Western school, is recommended by patients igloolik.

Treatment of dysentery in traditional medicine 1. In mild form of dysentery is recommended to drink a weak infusion of one Bay leaf. 2. You can drink infusion of plantain seeds (1 Cup V.

Treatment of herbs and other folk remedies In folk medicine plays a big role treatment of medicinal plants. Created a lot of collections, devoted to a detailed.