Chinese medicine
Life energy CHI In accordance with the principles of the East and, in particular, Chinese medicine, every living organism characterized by the presence of vital energy - CHI (or QI).…

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How to enlarge penis. Traditional medicine
In the pursuit of centimeters, men are often reluctant to resort to surgery, looking for possible alternatives. Often to find acceptable ways to penis enlargement. many climb with this issue…

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Alternative medicine is a serious danger

Despite the existence of effective treatments, continuous research and development of new drugs, still in Russia and the Crimea there is such a thing as “alternative medicine”.

As has told the chief of Department on public relations of the Department for international relations and information policy the University named after V. I. Vernadsky, candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Viktor Bidco, Crimeans turning to healers and medicine men, often do not realize how much risk they put their health and sometimes life.

“If you view ads “healers”, we can see that most of them are the same type: cure all in a row without expensive drugs with warranty. In this case, did not specify any place of provision of services, no qualification or license to conduct a particular service or not”, — noted Victor Bidco.

He recalled that in medicine the main thing — time and properly diagnose the patient and to achieve positive results. And questionable diagnostic and treatment methods negatively affect health. Therefore, the choice of treatment should be treated thoughtfully.

“Today tested methods of laser therapy, leech therapy, magnet therapy,ultrazvukovye and many others. At the Medical Academy Kazan Federal University is actively conducted research work. In particular, actual and perspective are the programs on balneology, ecology, tuberculosis, Oncology, diabetes, protection of maternity and childhood, HIV. In addition, four clinical departments of the Academy are conducted drug trials on concluded international agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies”, — said the Director of the Department.

He also noted that the stable development of scientific schools and perspective scientific directions is carried out in conditions of active international cooperation with medical faculties, research institutes, scientific centers and leading laboratories. The staff of the Academy cooperate with foreign partners in 16 international and 13 state programs.

The difference between a qualified doctor and alternative specialist, according to Victor Bidco, that the physician understand what is going on in the body change quite deeply. As representatives of “alternative medicine” appeal, as a rule, unknown to science, cosmic forces, biological fields, spells and such — the more mysterious, the better.

“The danger is that turning to alternative medicine often takes the patient away from traditional medicine. Patients stop tests required of drugs that may lead to the development of complications of the disease, which then it can be difficult, or even impossible to cope,” said Victor Bidco.

He stressed that medical services should be of high quality, evidence-based, and the results of treatment are predictable.

“We need to be vigilant, and care for their health and not to fall for the bait swindlers. We want the Crimeans to be healthy”, — he concluded.