"Russian" expert on alternative medicine in the West, get sick more often
Despite huge advances, "Western" medicine is practically powerless against a number of serious diseases, and often can only offer symptomatic treatments. According to the Director of the natural College of…

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What is alternative medicine?
Alternative medicine is the term for various alternative treatment methods and diagnostic concepts, in contrast to the scientifically-oriented medicine. Some methods of treatment of nonconventional medicine can be viewed below:…

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Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies

Most often, osteochondrosis (disease of spine) finds himself in people over 40 years, but its first manifestation is often seen in 20-30 years and even into adolescence. When degenerative disc disease changes the structure of the intervertebral discs and cartilage, that provokes a broad range of deviations in the work various organs and systems of the human body. Pain in this disease can radiate to the limbs, neck, sternum, which significantly complicates timely diagnostics. In connection with the massive spread of degenerative disc disease, means of treatment and prevention is particularly relevant. Many ways to maintain spine health offers traditional medicine

Folk remedies of treatment of osteochondrosis

Before you begin using the recommendations of folk medicine, it should be examined by a certified doctors. The fact is that when complications in the form of a herniated disc need surgery, and delay could be detrimental to spinal health.

Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies based on the use of cupping massage, a variety of applications, baths and massage. Compositions for rastirok and compresses contain beneficial ingredients of natural origin: propolis, bee and snake poisons. Excellent proven teas.

Monastyrskiy from degenerative disc disease

Monastic tea from degenerative disc disease prepared according to the recipe, proven through many years of successful experience of its use. The collection contains plants useful properties which allow not only to reduce the symptomatic manifestation of the disease, but also to influence the causes of its appearance.

What you need to do to the Monastic gathering herbs helped in osteochondrosis:

It is important to buy a quality product. The quality of the collection depends on many factors: how and where herbs were collected, how they are dried and stored, and in what proportion each plant is present in the mixture.

Monastic tea from the degenerative disc disease must be poured according to the instructions and use regularly, without gaps, for at least three months. The maximum period of admission is 6 months, but after a while, the course may be repeated for preventive purposes.

The greatest effectiveness is achieved when complex effects on disease. The reception of the Monastery of tea, it is recommended to Supplement physiotherapy and review of dietary habits.