Since ancient times in Russia bath was considered immutable attribute of a healthy lifestyle of any person. Indeed, the advantages of the bath is much greater than the disadvantages. And…

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Treatment of folk remedies and methods of polycystic kidney disease
Polycystic kidney disease (PBI) is an inherited disease in which the body is formed hollow, filled with liquid. Depending on the size and intensity of proliferations, they can disrupt the…

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The sprouts of potatoes in folk medicine

Many throw away sprouted potatoes, confident that he is eating more unfit. A special pattern of repression green from sunlight tubers. The toxicity of sprouted potatoes is not a myth. All parts of the plant in certain concentrations contain the alkaloid solanine, but most of all it in the colors of potatoes, green tubers and sprouts. Solanine acts as a natural insecticide protecting the plant. For humans it is toxic, but no one gets poisoning from mashed potatoes only because the solanine is concentrated mainly in the skin and under it, and 90-95% is removed in the cleaning process of the vegetable. In this case, peel the sprouts, usually sent to the scrap, and for good reason: almost any poison in minimal dosages can be medicine. It is also the case with solanine.

Solanine: the reverse of the medal

In the determination of this alkaloid possesses a range of precious properties. In 1965, Soviet researchers discovered its anti-inflammatory properties and a positive influence on the tonus of the heart muscle. In addition, solanine destroys some viruses and fungi, inhibits the reproduction of Staphylococcus aureus, demonstrates antispasmodic and wound healing effect, helps normalize digestive activity and even, in some details, has anticancer activity.

But we should not get involved in this matter, because the treatment dose is not equivalent to the strength of the effect. Solanine poisoning occurs when an overdose and shortness of breath, palpitations, nausea and vomiting, headaches and even fainting. If poisoning has occurred, it is necessary to use the same methods of detoxification, and if any food poisoning – welcome adsorbents, intestinal lavage. Serious consequences can have solanine poisoning for pregnant women because of the direct effects of substances on the fetus.

Separately should be said about the ability of solanine accumulates in the body. Practicing the treatment products containing it, it is important not to exceed the dosage, but not to indulge in long meals, giving the body a break.

Cooking salnikovoy tincture of potato sprouts

To extract the solanine is most suitable potatoes. The sprouts of potatoes in folk medicine are at the forefront, as the source of this miraculous substance.

There are two recipe of tincture of germs – quick and long. Under the first option, cut tubers with the sprouts should be washed, crushed in a meat grinder or blender, squeeze and add the resulting juice alcohol based on the ratio: 2 parts juice to 1 part alcohol. In the second method, the sprouts are cut, stacked in a jar and pour the alcohol so that it covers them with two fingers. After two weeks of maceration, the extract was poured through cheesecloth.

Both methods give a sufficiently large concentration of solanine in the tincture, and to begin its use with very small dosages, watching the reaction of the body, – 3 drops in a little water morning and evening. If negative feelings do not occur on the following day the dose is increased by another drop, and so on until 7 drops, then discontinue use for a few days. In addition to internal use, the tincture is used for rinsing (at 100 ml of warm water 15 drops of tincture), for rubbing and inhalation.