Ancient phytotherapist - Melilotus officinalis
In the Crimea are growing four types of clover: white, Neapolitan, drug and Crimea. Learn these plants are on long axillary bright yellow, yellowish or white inflorescences racemose, papilionaceous rims,…

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How cats treat people
Scientists around the world unanimously agree on the beneficial effects of cats on the health of their owners. According to statistics, people who share their homes with these Pets, seek…

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Treatment according to the canons of Chinese medicine

This and the rapidity with which healing occurs, and ustoichivy effect, but also the lack of side effects. The only condition for the patient is an appeal only to competent professionals, professionalism in their field. Masters with extensive practical experience and a sincere desire to help those in need.

The history of Chinese medicine begins in ancient times; its founders considered to be the heroes of the myths, Shen-nun and Fu si. Treatment Chinese medicine is based the dogma that need to be treated not the disease but a person, the body of which, at that rassmatrivaetsya as a whole, and the disease as a manifestation of violations of the integrity of the interaction between the systems of the body.

Considerable attention Chinese medicine focused on the prevention of diseases and to prolong life and slow down the aging process, and rehabilitation of the sick and alleviate their suffering.

Treatment in Chinese medicine is based on constant and common in the East principles with which you will be able to see in the “Methods of treatment”.

In our center of Traditional Chinese medicine “Bagua” You can go polozhitelnoe diagnosis and treatment. We offer a unique treatment based on the canons of Chinese medicine and training methods of health preservation. The scope of application of the methods of treatment of Oriental medicine are almost endless. The list of diseases as a diagnosis of Western medicine and traditional Oriental medicine, you can see under syndrome.

Besides, You can always purchase natural Chinese medicines and herbal dietary Supplement made of natural substances, as well as the instruments and needles for acupuncture.

In our center You can get exclusive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine based on theoretical models of the Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching).