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How cats treat people

Scientists around the world unanimously agree on the beneficial effects of cats on the health of their owners. According to statistics, people who share their homes with these Pets, seek help from a doctor up to five times as often. This is not surprising: the healing gift of cats was known in many countries since ancient times. Later physicians were purposefully used the feline therapy – treatment of diseases by cats without any medication. Today some scientists believe that cats can heal people with her special psychic abilities, others celebrate the unique healing aura of these four-legged companions of the man. Ultimately, however, the mechanism of healing effect is not so important, as empirically proven many times: the pain significantly subsides after lie down beside the cat. If anyone doubts whether the cat treat, check out this fact yourself on him will not be difficult.

Scientifically proven phenomenon

The London Institute of therapeutic methods impacts were confirmed unique therapeutic abilities of cats. Close this question, scientists have studied after the event, when universal favorite cat March, went to the lab where an experiment was performed. When she marched past the generator of low frequency currents, all the sensors suddenly went off the scale. Elektromagnitnoi Martha was immediately measured by experts. Their amazement knew no bounds, when it became clear that instead of expensive modern generator, you can use an ordinary cat, because the field produced by it is much more powerful.

The experiment was continued in the development of methods of treatment of inflammatory diseases, chronic in nature, with currents of low frequencies. The researchers divided a group of volunteers into two. One half of the patients continued treatment with currents of low frequency, and the other group on the sore spot put the cat. A month later comparing the results, researchers found: cosmotherapy allowed to safely recover all patients of the experimental group, while in another part of the group treated hardware method, has recovered only half of the patients.

How to treat cats?

It is believed that regular cats living near us have in its Arsenal a number of healing methods that they can use, showing their healing abilities:

massage: when the cat, purring, his paws, releasing, hiding the claws, which in this case are like tools reflexologist, irritating reflexogenic zone of the patient;

warming up: cats, warms us with the warmth of your body;

“exposure” healing waves;

the psychological impact.