Recipes of natural masks at home
Homemade recipes of youth and beauty . this is a simple traditional recipes from natural ingredients. Many century beauties from around the world kept the secrets of youthful skin, using…

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The sprouts of potatoes in folk medicine
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People’s ways of deliverance from alcohol addiction is focused on to to develop the patient complete aversion to alcohol. The man who once lived only a thought about the glass begins to hate the object of his former passion. From the mere smell of alcohol can trigger off a gag reflex. Such people are unlikely to consume alcoholic beverages in the future.

Traditional methods of treatment of alcoholism involve not only the use of special tools . but further moral impact on the patient. This is necessary in order to persons I understood that repeated withdrawal in a binge can cause terrible consequences. The man who has not learned that regular consumption of alcohol inevitably leads to the development of alcoholism, cannot be considered healthy.


There are many different tools invented decades ago. Not all of them are effective, not all of them are universal, however, the treatment of alcoholism folk remedies gives the desired result. Hard work will likely be successful.

Based on years of experience, we came to the conclusion that medical treatment of alcoholism is much more effective. This is because traditional methods are outdated procedure. Recipes created decades ago, is far from perfect. To get the expected result, have to wait long enough.

Sovremennaya gone very far. Medicinal products contain all essential conclusion from hard drinking and relieving hangover .Effective alcoholism treatment at our clinic is practiced is not the first year. We have studied all the details of his profession and at the moment I have the opportunity to help even in hopeless, at first glance, situations.

Drug treatment for alcoholism gives a quick and very powerful effect. If the patient is interested in getting rid of addictions (which does not always happen), to cure alcoholism is possible in a short time. The most important is the stage of fixation of the initial result, without which all efforts will go down the drain. The patient must realize that he helped get off the inclined plane. Without understanding that, filling a real problem with alcohol, you can revert to the previous state, there is no guarantee that alcoholism is a cross.


The most common folk remedy for getting rid of alcohol addiction is considered to be the honey. For several decades, the adherents of folk medicine believe that the craving for alcohol increases with the decrease in body potassium. Honey as a rich source of this element. Therefore, trying to cure alcoholism, people often give the addict with a large amount of honey.

In addition, there is a method involving the use of sorrel. They say that this method accelerates the treatment of female alcoholism. To achieve the desired effect, boil 1 tablespoon of herbs for 15 minutes, and then insist 3-4 hours in a cool room. Take this decoction need 5 times a day, one tablespoon at a time. This tool helps overcome spree.

Other folk remedies involve the decoction and maceration of different plants: flowers, vegetables, herbs and so on. It is not a guarantee that you will succeed, but the attempt – not torture. Our clinic is ready to provide you with their experts, so if folk remedies do not help, please contact us .