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Diadynamic therapy – physiotherapy

One of the most popular types of electrotherapy, DDT in particular demand due to its effect of local anesthesia. This method represents a consistent effect on the body diadynamic pulse currents of low tension and frequencies (currents Bernard). As a result of a course of treatment in patients not only disappear the pain, but also increases vitality and immunity, which promotes full recovery.

The principle of action of DDT-physiotherapy

To correctly perform the procedures diadynamic therapy important for complete relaxation of the patient, this applies in particular to the muscles in the zone of influence of current pulses. The doctor ensures that the electrodes do not touch damaged skin, insulating it with an oilcloth or rubber. During the session the patient should feel a slight tingling, burning sensation and vibration throughout the area of placement of the device.

The impact of current physical therapist selects individually, taking into account the medical history of the patient and his subjective feelings. Usually, this voltage ranges from 2-5 mA and 15-30 mA. If during the procedure the intensity of the sensation decreases, you need to gradually increase the amperage until the marked slight vibration. The repetition rate is also individual – for severe pain diadinamotherapy, the apparatus for which is in the comfort ANATOMICHESKOE, you can assign up to two times a day.

The effect of DDT therapy

The so-called Bernard currents have remarkable analgesic property. This is mainly due to their action on receptors in the skin that creates the dominant source of irritation in the Central nervous system, which overrides the pain. In addition, vibration in the tissues that arise in the course of conducting procedures, contribute to the increased blood flow and resorption of edema and healing of wounds.

Diadynamic therapy not only improves General and local circulation – it has a strong anti-inflammatory and neuro-stimulating effect. In the form of prevention procedures of DDT often prescribed perekreditovanija athletes to relax muscle tension and relieve spasms of muscles.

Indications and contraindications

The method of DDT-therapy is useful in most cases as treatment and prevention, but before starting these procedures, you should check the status of your health and get your physician’s permission.

Diadynamic therapy – indications:

injuries and lesions of the peripheral nervous system. accompanied by pain

diseases of the musculoskeletal system degenerative nature

acute disease of the peripheral nervous system – neuritis, radiculitis, sympathalgias, etc.

hypertension, bronchial asthma, diseases of the stomach, intestines and gallbladder.

Diadynamic therapy – contraindications:

malignant tumors and other neoplasms

acute inflammatory processes of internal organs

active tuberculosis and acute forms of many other diseases

thrombophlebitis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, psychosis

bleeding tendency, intolerance to electric current

kidney stone and gallstone disease.

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