Shamans of Peru
Herbert lecture of Quinteros, legendary hereditary Peruvian shaman and healer. Herbert will talk about the shamanic traditions and their origins, their personal experience of healing, will answer all your questions…

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Medicinal plants. Cranberry - natural antibiotic (healthy and clinical nutrition)
Cranberries have long been valued in Russia, it is often referred to as the "Northern lemon". This berry contains a whole bunch of useful substances: vitamins. trace elements, quinic acid,…

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Seven recipes from potions of the ancient Slavs

Earlier we told you, what methods were used by our ancestors to cure their disease. Now we want to present you a few of the recipes used by the ancient Slavs.

For getting rid of tobacco dependence

To get rid of addiction to tobacco, this recipe was used by the Cossacks. 50 g roots of Angelica and 50 g of grass immortelle, yarrow, wormwood and St. John’s wort grind, pour 1 tablespoon of this mixture 750 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes and keep in a sealed container in a water bath. To insist 45 minutes, strain and take 200 ml 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals.

Treatment — resistant aversion to tobacco.

Attention: during treatment not use alcohol.

To improve memory

Came up with this recipe another Slavic healers. Grate carrots on a coarse or fine grater, to add light seedless raisins, ground or chopped walnuts, and fill all this with sour cream. This salad will help to refresh the brain cells and improve its supply of blood. However, for this salad you need to eat constantly, at least once a day.

For headache

In the old days headache shot of sea buckthorn juice. For this noinspect juice of this berry a piece of cloth or gauze and put it on the forehead and temples. This poultice treats headache of any origin, except for hypertension.

For peace of mind and good mood

1 teaspoon dried thyme leaves (thyme), pour 1 Cup boiling water, to insist. Drink the infusion cold, and for a long time, as persistent therapeutic effect is slow. Thyme works well with a strong agitation, improves mood, relieves fear and autonomic disorders. The same effect has this spice and fresh.

For dizziness

To cure vertigo, the cause of which is atherosclerosis or nerve diseases, a decoction of birch leaves. This requires 2 tablespoons of chopped birch leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and soaking in a water bath for 15 minutes. Then strain, add a pinch of baking soda, stir and take 0.5 cups three times a day half an hour before meals.

The deposition of salts

1 glass black radish juice, 0.5 cups of honey, 2 tablespoons of vinegar to be mixed thoroughly in a glass jar and cover tightly. Store the mixture in a dark place. Bad places to lubricate with oil, to avoid burns, and apply a poultice of radish with honey. Keep it less than 40 minutes! After that ill place well cleaned and warm wrap. The course of treatment — 1.5-2 weeks.

For diathesis, eczema and stomach cramps.

Infusion of flowers viburnum helps with many ailments. It is useful to drink in gastritis with low acidity, used as a good expectorant and diaphoretic agent for respiratory infections, as well as to rinse the throat with angina. It has an astringent effect in diarrhea and stomach cramps, use it to improve digestion, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis diseases. In addition, the infusion used externally in case of tuberculosis of the skin, diathesis, eczema and for washing wounds.

1 tablespoon of flowers pour 1 Cup boiling water, wrap up well and leave for 40 minutes then drain. Take 2 SIPS 3 times a day for 0.5 hours before eating.

Attention: before applying Kalina with increased blood clotting, gout and kidney disease, need to consult with your doctor.