The basics of healing
Many people complain about problems with the liver. In the acute stage of the process, most often in children, affects the myocardium (heart muscle), endocardium (the inner lining of the…

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Urine therapy. Think twice.
When you say that word, personally, I have goose bumps... Well, judge for yourself, is it okay to return the body that they were thrown out ? Even in a…

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Phytotherapy as a means of alternative medicine

Attitude to alternative medicine is ambiguous, but in many cases it can be an effective addition to curative procedures and drugs, which are attributed to the doctors. The usual methods of treatment sometimes can be replaced with herbal medicine or aromatherapy. Importantly, the method of treatment should be appointed by a qualified technician and only after a thorough examination. The basic techniques of alternative medicine checked already not one century.

Most often people turn to healing recipes herbal medicine. If you consider that to be treated people started in primitive times, only herbal medicine could provide some help. Chemical medications were not, and the healing properties of herbs was pasaulis on experience very quickly. And today, medicinal plants are used frequently and effectively. They have some advantages over pharmacological products, as are softer, the body gets used to them. Some recipes for the treatment of illness, even very nice, who refuses with a cold drink hot tea of thyme or raspberry branches. But herbal medicine has its strict rules and restrictions. Administration of decoctions, tinctures has a specific dosage, there are requirements to collect herbs themselves. You need to take herbal drugs for some time before eating or some time after.

Note that in many diseases lekarstvovedenija can not be effective, and only means, they can only strengthen the body, promote more rapid recovery.

Hypnotherapy – a more recent field of alternative medicine. This method of treatment is used in combating Smoking, alcoholism, obesity. The result coding depends not only on the talent of the physician, but the personal qualities of the patient, to establish the validity of hypnotic session that he needs. Hypnotic influence can be exerted on a group of people or the treatment is carried out individually. Not every person can be influenced in this method, therefore, before agreeing to it and pay the money, you need to pass the test. Almost everyone can help himself in some situations and yourself, if you can learn the techniques of self-hypnosis. He is not as effective as a hypnosis professional, but can lift your mood, give confidence, peace of mind, better health.

Effective therapeutic effect of fragrances is studying aromatherapy. For result quite a few drops of essential oils, which are characterized by a high density of active components. Because the composition of oils depends largely on the weather, from climate change, from the region of plant growth, they cannot be used in pharmacology, in which everything must be consistently and strictly metered. But aromatherapy remains a popular method of alternative medicine. Essential oils have broad spectrum of action and can act as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, dermatological agent. And, of course, a pleasant smell will always cheer you up, make the feeling of life more vivid. In order for these substances gave the expected result, you need to use only natural flavors. Obviously fakes are oil plants such as watermelon, violet, mango, banana, Lily and some others, they (oil) they just don’t stand out.

Alternative medicine is a great aid nature in the cure of many diseases, but they can be used only after consulting an experienced physician.