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Alternative medicine in Israel

On alternative medicine in Israel to say, cryptic, easy or difficult, depending on the speaker and from objects in the story.

We will try to state their opinion about the current situation in this matter.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of a functioning health system in the countries of the former USSR, because of a growing distrust of the system itself, the growing interest and referrals to alternative medicine healers, doctors, osteopaths, chiropractic, herbalists, specialists in Chinese folk medicine, Ayurveda or homeopathy, among the inhabitants of the postSoviet space is huge, and exceeding all the wildest calculations.

It’s not bad, but the problems that we face deserve your attention and we hope that this information will help you.

Very often we meet with a situation where people frustrated by one reason or another in the actions or advice of their doctors, rushes to search for an alternative. And here is the difficulty: how to define qualification of the expert? How to know to whom you addressed? We know very little about all alternative methods of treatment, ranging from ancient medical system of treatment and prevention of diseases, to new technologies, such as, for example, the magnetic resonance fields. How do you know that grandma-koldunya the village, to which the queue of cars from all over Russia day, will be able to help you? If it helped your friend with asthma, it does not mean that it will save your child from heart disease.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how to deal in countless variety of suggestions for alternative treatment in Russia, we can only recommend to go to a wonderful doctor in Moscow — Yury Arkadievich Velba. people with a long history and experience in conventional psychiatry (it is a lot of information can be found on the Internet), recent years Dr. Walba has been studying and practicing Ayurveda, we are confident that the specialist if can’t help you myself, you probably will identify the problem and recommend a specialist, both conventional and alternative, for your specific case.

If you decide to turn to alternative medicine in Israel, there is a little bit easier. First, many insurance health insurance Fund pay to the people of Israel the services of such experts, and this already tells us that the methods tested, working and recognized as the Israeli system of health, “vneglasnoe”. As you know, none of the health insurance Fund will not pay for their insured clients, if he is unreliable and has no effect and results.

Secondly, we have a positive experience with some of them, and, in many cases, it proved to be very effective and low-cost compared to traditional methods of treatment.

We present you the video lecture of doctor of Curl Team and video “Alchemy of the human body” – a Comprehensive manual therapy, Magic Power and the Art of self-balance – Shaul Pohal.