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Chinese medicine

Life energy CHI

In accordance with the principles of the East and, in particular, Chinese medicine, every living organism characterized by the presence of vital energy – CHI (or QI). As evidenced in Chinese medicine, the energy potential of each person. Half of it is determined by genetic heredity, the other half depends on the choice of his PATH, his ability to harmoniously coexist with the surrounding world, to Orient themselves in space and time – that is, from the lifestyles and thoughts of a person.

The vital energy CHI must flow freely and easily circulate through the so-called energy meridians in the body that ensures normal activity and functioning. Chinese traditional medicine claims that it is a violation of this circulation leads to disease.

Chinese medicine on the human body

The basis of Chinese medicine is the statement: the human body is a very complex evolving system and its inextricable links with the outside world (through breath, touch, sight, hearing, spiritual experience). Scientific and technical progress in the last hundred years has largely transformed the living space of people. The lives of most of us is among numerous mechanical designs and structures,filled with the vibrations of the electromagnetic and sound fields. All this has a direct influence on human CHI circulation in the body which can be broken. That’s why in the age of innovative technologies and scientific and technical progress of this important ancient knowledge that underlies traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine and the progress

Quick movement in space, high tension of life, the need to monitor and control large number of parameters of different levels of complexity at work, in society and at home, the negative information flows – all of this places high demands on the human body, its functional systems and adversely affects the vital energy CHI. NTP happening faster than the process of evolution causes the human body to work at maximum capacity. What, ultimately, leads to deviations in the organs and systems of the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine aims to restore the impaired functional integrity of the system, ensuring proper circulation and replenishment of CHI energy. It is why Chinese medicine uses a more holistic approach to the treatment of the human body than traditional Western medicine with, basically, only a set of synthetic drugs narrow spectrum of activity. Full diagnostics of diseases, coupled with the General improvement of an organism and obtaining the “correct analysis” is not the same thing. Furthermore, man is unique in itself, and what is normal for one to another can be a pathology, and “generic” drugs can’t all be equally useful. The main difference between the clinics of Chinese medicine from European medical centres consists in applying a comprehensive approach to the human body and its CHI energy, giving you the most effective results diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors hospital of Chinese medicine Kim Tao will offer You various methods of diagnosis and treatment used in Chinese medicine – acupuncture su Jok, acupuncture, reflexology, herbal medicine and other folk remedies, as well as pulse diagnosis, yoga, and manual therapy.

We invite You to attend a free session of pulse diagnosis, the results of which the doctors of our clinic will choose for You an individual course of treatment, the corresponding characteristics of Your body and the CHI energy and is based on the most effective methods of Chinese traditional medicine.

Alternative medicine really
Project Manager — candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Lugin Vladimir Grigor'evich, graduated from physical faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University and the Military Academy…


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