Treatment according to the canons of Chinese medicine
This and the rapidity with which healing occurs, and ustoichivy effect, but also the lack of side effects. The only condition for the patient is an appeal only to competent…

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The sprouts of potatoes in folk medicine
Many throw away sprouted potatoes, confident that he is eating more unfit. A special pattern of repression green from sunlight tubers. The toxicity of sprouted potatoes is not a myth.…

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Urine therapy. Think twice.

When you say that word, personally, I have goose bumps… Well, judge for yourself, is it okay to return the body that they were thrown out ?

Even in a healthy person, urine contains harmful substances, but if something is sick, the drinking of urine even dangerous for life . Doctors regularly reported that urine therapy is harmful to the liver, kidneys and other organs, known cases of gonorrheal conjunctivitis to wash the eyes with urine and the contact of urine with open wounds can lead to rotting of wounds. Often when urine therapy vomiting, diarrhea, irritation of the stomach and intestines are just the beginning…


One of the medical sites I found saying the doctor urologist Sudarkina Igor Abramovich about the urine therapy: “In our body continually produces toxins, called endotoxins. They negatively affect all the vital processes, therefore, should be withdrawn from the body and not poisoning it . The urine output are all harmful to our body substances, products of metabolism, toxins. Therefore, it cannot be used for treatment. Practice of medicine does not accept such methods of treatment, urine therapy. As for my personal opinion, the urine therapy is quackery”.

Moreover, it is a kind of hormone therapy. Yes, Yes, urine therapy has something in common with hormonal medication… If in the course of the day to drink all the urine in your organismele with “healing water” gets the same amount of hormones contained in the average therapeutic dose of drug hormonal agents.

Urine therapy is particularly harmful to pregnant women — is generally a separate topic of conversation. Can lead to miscarriage or abnormal development of the fetus!


How to use urine treatment?

1. Internal therapy

Well, in this case, in fact, people drink the urine. Some prefer it be evaporated to concentrate the mineral components.

2. External therapy

Lubrication wounds, wrapping burns, etc. If a person is sick diseases such as, for example, pyelonephritis, suppurative inflammation begins within a few hours — once in the blood through injury, diseases can cause blood poisoning and gangrene.

3. Lavage of body cavities — nasopharynx, colon, ears. Well, here even to speak do not want anything, too afraid to put such experiments, in my opinion.


Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers with urine therapy was treated for burns and bruises. This urine was used as a compress, strictly externally, once and more often than not its own, and a healthy little baby. Yes, there were known instances of healing in this way from slight ailments, but, this was most likely due to the so-called placebo effect (when a person believes very strongly in the miraculous urine therapy and thus the chance of a small improvement he has).