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Treatment of folk remedies and methods of polycystic kidney disease

Polycystic kidney disease (PBI) is an inherited disease in which the body is formed hollow, filled with liquid. Depending on the size and intensity of proliferations, they can disrupt the functionality of the liver and kidneys, causing renal failure.

In medicine there are no therapies that cure the disease completely. The goal of medical care — control of symptoms to reduce pain by:

pain medication;

drugs to lower blood pressure;


riscontriate diet;

diuretics (to remove excess fluid);


Folk treatment of polycystic kidney disease is being used as concomitant therapy or prophylactically during remission. The main method is the intake of herbal teas and herbal infusions, which have diuretic properties, reduce the pressure. The taking herbal teas should be discussed with your doctor to avoid possible complications.

How to be treated by traditional methods

There are several types of treatment of polycystic kidney disease folk remedies.


Herbal medicine.


Than to treat polycystic at home

First, you need to reconsider the way of life and a daily menu that will help obligatoriska on patient body, strengthen the immune system and help the body to cope with the negative manifestations of the disease.

In the diet should appear the following products.

Natural Apple cider vinegar as a condiment for salads or snacks. It has a diuretic effect, cleanses the body of toxins.

Celery and parsley will help to prevent more cysts.

Choosing fruits and vegetables, preference should be given to:

grenades — tannins neutralize the toxins and help in blood filtration;

watermelons — regulate the acidity of urine.

Juice carrots, parsley, spinach, black radish, turnip help dissolve minerals in the bile ducts and bladder, blood vessels, renal pelvis and urinary bladder.

Medicinal plants used for preventive purposes:

nettle leaves have a diuretic effect, prevent the formation of cysts, inhibit the growth of bacteria;

Basil acts as a tonic;

dandelion prevents complications due to its diuretic properties;

essential oil of fir effectively relieves pain symptoms.

Additionally, the fees include mint, lemon balm, birch leaves and currants, mother-and-stepmother, wheat grass root, willow bark, horsetail and Heather, juniper berries, leaves and blueberries.

Despite the positive characteristics, such methods are not intended to replace quality health care. Before how to treat polycystic kidney folk remedies, be sure to consult with your doctor. Herbs are often combined with other medications, causing complications. For severe pain, blood in your urine you should immediately go to the hospital.


Nutritionists recommend patients to choose the right foods and plan a healthy menu. You should discuss with a specialist diet that will help reduce the symptoms of the disease.

In polycystic important to control blood pressure. For this purpose, you need to consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Main diet:

foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol;

skim milk and low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry and nuts;

the exception is using red meat, sweets, sugar, sugary drinks;

increasing the amount of protein and fiber.

If symptoms persist, consult a doctor and do not self-medicate. Advanced stage of the disease leads to complications in the kidneys and related organs.