How cats treat people
Scientists around the world unanimously agree on the beneficial effects of cats on the health of their owners. According to statistics, people who share their homes with these Pets, seek…

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Chinese medicine
Life energy CHI In accordance with the principles of the East and, in particular, Chinese medicine, every living organism characterized by the presence of vital energy - CHI (or QI).…

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Practical magic and the healing

In the process of learning you will get the opportunity of practical application of Magic . learn the secrets of magical solutions to life’s challenges, master the secrets of mastery, based on the experience of thousands of years. Acquire skills of correction of the future and change the destiny. And, most importantly, the lessons of magic you will receive the KEYS . without which is not working any plot, no ritual. Course learning Magic includes ten intensive private lessons. During individual learning, each lesson lasts 2 hours. Possible full-time and correspondence courses. When face-to-face individual training program can be changed according to your wish (either reduced or complemented by other methods). The course includes sessions on the following topics: Diagnostics of energetic influences. A complex of measures on Magic Defense. Work on Photos. Bio-Energy Healing. The work on the astral plan, Working with karma. Ritual and ceremonial magic .

The content of the course:

1. Diagnosis – the definition of the boundaries of the biofield, the presence of induced or acquired negative impacts (damage, evil eye, etc.); you will also be able to determine when and by whom was the induced impact.

Universal protection is a versatile tool both for protection and for an instant naturalisatieaanvraag influences.

Work on the harmonization of relations in the family and at work; attraction of money; the problem of alcohol dependence; sexual problems, including infidelity; the formation of a persistent aversion to “harmful” products when a person is overweight.

Working with “Astral Police” and “Call the Teacher”.

Amchitka patient person in the session is the ritual of relieving the negative impact of any complexity (damage, evil eye, love spell, ancestral curse)

Amchitka in Photography – used for removal and neutralization of negative effects when working with them, as well as with people who for whatever reason are unable to attend face-to-face session tchitchi (i.e. is the impact on the distance).

Cleaning of the room.

8. Technique of rejuvenation.

Ritual talismans and amulets.

Bio-energy healing (my own methods) – from relieving pain to helping with a serious chronic ailments.

Work with the chakras is a unique technique of diagnosing and correcting problems on the chakras.

Exercises for protection.

Numerology by the major Arcana of the Tarot – a technique that allows for the date of birth of the person to determine his character, ability, predisposition to certain illnesses, karmic tasks, and view features of relationships between married couples, between business partners.

Ritual removal of the “crown of celibacy”.

Karmic realization – learning to view and correction of problems with karmic dependence.

16. The Method “Obey The Rock”.

Additional classes, such as “Beacon of attractiveness”. “Work with seven totemic animals”, “Changing destiny”and much more, you can take both during the course and after its completion.