Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies
Most often, osteochondrosis (disease of spine) finds himself in people over 40 years, but its first manifestation is often seen in 20-30 years and even into adolescence. When degenerative disc…

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Alcoholate cinquefoil white
Thyroid disease along with diabetes are the most frequent endocrine disorders. According to world statistics, various diseases of the thyroid suffer from not less than 3% of the world population.…

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Alternative medicine – acupressure

The technique of acupressure is based on ancient Chinese theories about energy that permeates the human body along specific channels, called meridians. This technique is a massage of biologically active points. Acupressure allows you to adjust the vital energy flow and promotes healing of the whole organism. The combination of acupressure with other agents is called shiatsu.

The philosophy of acupressure and shiatsu

Adherents of nontraditional Chinese medicine believe that the physical state of the body affects the strength of the energy flow – qi the vital energy that runs up and down along the meridians, from head to toe. If the stream is moving erratically or is blocked, it leads to the development of various ailments. One of the ways of regulation of qi flow is massage certain points of the body where the meridians are located directly under the skin. Through various pressure to enhance the flow or dissipate, depending on what disease you need to cure it.

In China, acupressure is used for thousands of years, along with acupressure doctors also use the method of acupuncture – acupuncture. In the VI century method of Buddhist monks took over the people of Japan, and at the beginning of last century the Japanese developed a new method of treatment – shiatsu in addition to massage active tokenprimary pressure with the palms and stretching the muscles.

Contact the person

So as not to hurt myself and not hurt your own body, to conduct session of acupressure and shiatsu better to consult a specialist. For a start, the doctor will assess your health condition: will be examined in the usual way, and in addition will determine the tone of the skin and muscles, listen to the breath and the voice.

Stimulating certain points of the body by massaging and stretching muscles, a specialist with the help of touch “reads” information about the state of your body and adjusts the strength and direction of the energy flow. At the end of the session many patients feel a burst of energy and at the same time pleasant relaxation. But sometimes, headaches, fatigue, body aches, chills, and only then start to improve. This reaction can be considered normal as it occurs due to the release of active points of suppressed energy. Usually these symptoms disappear within one to two days.

The techniques of acupressure

Since the energy flow needs to be controlled in different ways, doctors generally use three types of acupressure: tonic depression, pressure diffusing and calming effect.

As a result of tonic pressure weak flow of energy is enhanced.

To obtain the effect, the specialist clicks on the desired point and holds the finger still for two minutes.

Scattering pressure helps to release blocked energy and restore its flow along the Meridian.

To get the result the doctor presses on the right spot and makes a circular motion with your finger for two minutes.

Under the soothing influence of pressure is slowing down an overactive energy flow.

To obtain the effect of the specialist covers the active point with his hand or lightly stroking it for two minutes.