Treatment of folk remedies and methods of polycystic kidney disease
Polycystic kidney disease (PBI) is an inherited disease in which the body is formed hollow, filled with liquid. Depending on the size and intensity of proliferations, they can disrupt the…

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Ancient phytotherapist - Melilotus officinalis
In the Crimea are growing four types of clover: white, Neapolitan, drug and Crimea. Learn these plants are on long axillary bright yellow, yellowish or white inflorescences racemose, papilionaceous rims,…

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The treasuries of wisdom of ancient medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine sees the person as the layout of the Universe – the universal self-adjusting mechanism.

China is one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, it is more than 6 thousand years. For hundreds of years China evolved in isolation, so and traditional Chinese medicine in many ways unique, she sees the person as the layout of the Universe – the universal self-adjusting mechanism.

A specialist in traditional Chinese medicine in China this is the official profession. But it should be noted that traditional medicine can only deal with a person who has received graduate medical education. What can modern people make use of the accumulated ancient knowledge?

Acupuncture – reflexology, acupuncture

Earth, metal, fire, water and wood – 5 elements, according to the ancient Chinese, from which is woven the universe and the human body. They are all intertwined and each element is associated with a specific human organ. Five-pointed star refers to the connection of all elements. And this is consistent with the concepts and modern medicine, so neither can any organ in the human body to exist in itself, independently of the other.

Wood – liver and gall bladder

Water – kidneys and bladder

Fire – heart, small intestine

Metal – lungs, large intestine

Earth – stomach and spleen

Between the elements linked “meridians” – channels through which energy flows. On each Meridian there are active points, acting on that (with needles or massage), you can get rid of many ailments.

Modern medicine welcomes, in particular, this type of massage like foot massage – it gives a beautiful relaxing effect, improves blood flow and the condition of the connective tissue structure. Today, acupuncture is recognized in many countries and is considered an official method of treatment of many diseases.


Soy products. Chinese food is missing a very fatty foods and very little milk. Milk is considered to be useful only for children or very elderly people. Preference is given to soy products – soy milk and tofu, which not only do not contain fat, but also help to reduce cholesterol. So in China significantly less cardiovascular disease.

Congee . The Chinese before the meal, drink thick rice water, which helps to protect the mucosa of the stomach and reduces symptoms of ulcers and gastritis.

Green tea drinking in China several thousand years old. Especially useful for green tea after eating fatty foods. It is important to drink tea without any additives of sugar or milk, and not with sweets.

Chinese sticks . according to the Chinese, train your fingers and brain. Indeed, modern medicine proved that fine motor skills develops brain.

Physical education – Chinese qigong

Chinese gymnastics all movements connected with breathing. Exercises to perform in the morning.

Exercise 1. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Smoothly raise the hands in front, breathe in. Gently lower arms – exhale. Repeat a few times.

Exercise 2. Then smoothly lift the hands in front of him and spread them apart – inhale, flatten, and lower – exhale. Repeat a few times.

Exercise 3. Holding his hands in front of him, smoothly lift up – inhale, return to its original position – exhale. Repeat a few times.

Exercise 4. The end of the exercise – to raise the hands above the head, hold it for 3 seconds to return to position in front of him, to sequence, to omit and put palms each other on the navel. To end with a few circular movements over the belly button.

Herons pose. Stand on left leg, right leg bent at the knee, tilt your head down, pull arms to the sides and up and lower hands.