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“Russian” expert on alternative medicine in the West, get sick more often

Despite huge advances, “Western” medicine is practically powerless against a number of serious diseases, and often can only offer symptomatic treatments. According to the Director of the natural College of holistic medicine “Adar”, Dr. Eli Lyuboshitz, many chronic diseases, which lasted 20 years, can be completely cured within a few minutes through su-Jok therapy.

This method of alternative medicine is relatively young, and, unlike classical Chinese acupuncture, was opened 25 years ago by the Korean Professor Park Jae Woo, engaged in Eastern and Chinese medicine and social work. Method of treatment based on the projection of all parts, systems and organs of the body on the hand and foot.

In an interview with the portal IzRus Eli lyuboshitz told about his attitude to various kinds of alternative medicine, the healing system su-Jok and characteristic illnesses of representatives of the Russian community in the country. Together with the Ali family immigrated to Israel in 1988 from Moscow. Once on the system su-Jok he cured a knee injury, he decided to devote himself to the study of alternative medicine. Upon completion of the doctorate in naturopathy at the University of California lyuboshitz continued her studies in China, Japan, India and Tibet. After she trained and taught in Laos, Guatemala, and other countries has England.

After a long time he studied various forms of alternative medicine, and came to the conclusion that of all currently available therapies, su Jok is very effective. “Already 12 years I’m not teaching her anything except for one simple reason: I don’t see anywhere in the system such a strong, quick and stable results,” said lyuboshitz.

In my practice, one of the two leading teachers of this method in Israel met with various kinds of diseases, many of which were cured. “There was a case where the Professor and the Director of the hospital, “Hadassah (Ein Kerem)” in urgent need of transplantation of heart valves, says Ali. – Urged all his colleagues, however after four sessions of the su-Jock, all the operation was canceled. Since then many years have passed, and his condition continues to improve”.

According to Lyuboshitz, any disease except cancer can either be cured, or to improve the condition of the patient. “We treat severe heart disease, the problems of renal failure, intestinal colitis, the problems of mental level, hormonal disorders, etc.”. The most common diseases among Russian-speaking Israelis he calls the diseases of the joints, respiratory tracts, diabetes and cardiovascular failure.

It is worth noting also that many immigrants from the former Soviet Union in terms of education give preference to alternative medicine. According to Lyuboshitz this trend is due to the influence of alternative methods of treatment that come in their countries of origin from the East. “Furthermore, the lack of good medical equipment in Russia gave impetus cheap folk medicine,” he said.

If to provide a more global picture of human health, the most vulnerable from the disease, says the expert, are residents of Western countries, including Israel. “The people of the Eastern Nations is much healthier. They are much less common chronic diseases and cancer. In the West, due to the prevailing lifestyle, many are subject to various factors, adversely affecting their body,” concludes lyuboshitz.

From 16 to 26 June will be held in Israel on 10-day workshop under the guidance of the founder of su Jok therapy, Professor Park Jae Woo from South Korea, who systematized this method is based on years