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Folk remedies (recipes) to the health and beauty of hair

How to make your hair healthy?

T o healthy hair once a week instead of shampoo, use a decoction of nettles, and do it at night.

A liter of water add 100 g fresh nettles, add a pint of vinegar and boil the mixture on low heat for half an hour. Strain the broth and add to the water to wash a head (2-3 cups of the basin). Hair wash this diluted broth and dry towel. Broth store in refrigerator until next use.

After this procedure, hair is soft, shiny, manageable and will better grow.

T o maintain the health of your hair, you can use a conditioner prepared according to a folk recipe:

P trebuetsya: aloe Vera juice – 1/4 Cup, half of lemon essential oil (for relaxing effect of peppermint, for a stimulating – rosemary or lavender) 3 drops.

Mix everything and to damp clean hair, apply the mixture. After 3 minutes rinse with water.

Juice mask for hair beauty

P trebuetsya: lemon juice (1 tsp. spoon), carrot juice (1 table. teaspoon), aloe juice (1 table. spoon), egg yolk, castor oil (1 table. spoon), brandy (1 table. L.).

All components mix and apply on hair. After half an hour rinse. If you are missing some component – experiment! The only caveat – castor oil mix with brandy,otherwise the oil will be difficult to wash off.

Folk remedy is based on nettles and yeast

P trebuetsya: 1 tsp. spoon of dry yeast, 2 tablespoons of cream, egg yolk, 1 tsp. a spoon of castor oil.

Dissolve yeast in cream, add the beaten yolk, castor oil. Mix well and heat on a steam bath.Before shampooing with a mixture of grease roots of hair, and all hair. The head tie a warm scarf. At this time, prepare the infusion of nettle:

Pour the boiling water popularly chopped nettle leaves (2 tbsp), let it brew, then strain.

Hours through 2 hours, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with nettle infusion.

W dorofee and energy to your hair will give the following folk remedy:

Well eltek mix with 3 table. spoons of olive oil, adding a little lemon juice. Distribute into dry hair for 15 minutes. Then rinse.

Milk for silky hair

M oloka – wonderful natural remedy. If you rinse your hair with one Cup of milk and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly, your hair will be soft and smooth to the touch as silk.

Recipes masks for hair health

Banana-almond mask

In a ceramic bowl mash the banana, add vegetable oil (1H.l.), almond oil (10-15 drops), and liquid honey (1 tsp), mix thoroughly. Lubricate the scalp and hair resulting mask, top cover head with plastic bag and towel. After 30-40 minutes wash your head with shampoo.

In mashed kiwi pulp, add 4 table. spoon sour. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous condition. RUB mixture into the scalp and cover your head with a towel. Keep for 1 hour.