Since ancient times in Russia bath was considered immutable attribute of a healthy lifestyle of any person. Indeed, the advantages of the bath is much greater than the disadvantages. And…

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Special animals: a burden to family or best friends and psychologists?
An animal with a disability. What is your first reaction to this phrase? Pity? Horror? Disgust? "Why is that? You put it down, it has no name." the most common…

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Energy healers — what they do?

Energy healers — what they do? So, what are “Energy healers” are doing? First, let’s look at what the energy healer.

Energy healing is the practice of an ancient type of medical art. The art of healing has been known for thousands of years in many ancient civilizations that lived and flourished on this planet in the past.

If we look at culture today, especially in the East, we will see that a large part of this knowledge was saved and is still largely used in their health systems.

The most well-known cultures that use this form of healing is Chinese and Indian culture.

We have to dig deeper into the science and concepts of this healing art, but essentially energy healer working with the basic energies of the human system. These energies are the basis for the establishment and functioning of all other cells and organs in the system. I’m talking about the system, because that person is being more than just a physical body.

Working with these energies, an energy healer can help to restore and harmonize the patient in a range of different ways of cleansing, and then a revival of these fundamental energies.

This is a fundamental energy izvestnyak “life force energy” and was given many other names in ancient cultures such as “Chi” in China and “Prana” in India.

As I said, there are a number of ways in which the energy Healer can work with these fundamental energies of the human system and as such various modalities of healing have been developed over time to overcome the diseases and disorders of the human system.

Some of the most common:

— Acupuncture

Acupuncture works with the Meridian energy system, which are the subtle energy lines that flow through the body and distribute energy where it is needed.

Reiki works with the energy body in General updated to transfer energy from the healer to the patient through a series of spells and technology concentration.

— Prana Healing

Pranic Healing works like Reiki, but has a slightly deeper understanding of the energy body. It was developed from different methods such as medical qigong and others.

These are just three of the most famous, effective, which left its mark throughout history.

A healer is someone who has an idea about the power system. A good energy healer is usually very kind, grateful and loving person, this is because in the ancient spiritual knowledge there is what is called “Cleaning”. Is the process of removing yourself from the things that can help a person towards self-realization.

The healer usually works on these principles, because it is more “pure” you ( less congestion there is in the mind, body and energy) is more capable of healing, to heal the sick, because the energy transmitted will be much more powerful. You can imagine the flow of water through the pipe. If the pipe is clean and clear, the water will flow continuously, but if the pipe is dirty and clogged it will be much less water can flow through it. That is the idea of purification.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped you understand a little better the energy Healing.