Severely dry skin of hands: the problem solution
Many people, especially at Mature age, had to deal with a problem like dry skin of the hands. The skin on the hands becomes not very attractive, there are cracks,…

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Treatment according to the canons of Chinese medicine
This and the rapidity with which healing occurs, and ustoichivy effect, but also the lack of side effects. The only condition for the patient is an appeal only to competent…

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After a course of Dolphin-assisted therapy for the blind she began to see

Sofia is 5.5 years old, but looks much younger than she is and walks, just holding hands adult. The baby was born prematurely, soon the doctors diagnosed cerebral palsy. Such children are often not “in the mood”. But today Sony is a special day, emotions over the edge.

Sonin mom signed up for a course of Dolphin-assisted therapy one of the first in Anapa as soon as it became known, that here we are going to bring marine animals from Odessa. I had to wait six months, while bottlenose dolphins are Handsome and Juno started accepting.

“There are kids who begin to speak of the Dolphin, there are kids who have improved the propulsion area, of course, it’s a lot of emotions,” says the head of the Dolphin therapy in Odessa, Anapa Natalia Vasilevskaya.

One case even scientists call phenomenal. Mazurkas Yana from Kemerovo was considered blind from birth. Despite the disappointing diagnosis of optic atrophy and cataract – the parents believed John to see. Treatment in the clinics 4 times a year gives some results – for 9 years the girl has already distinguishes light and shadow. The breakthrough comes unexpectedly. In the summer the family went on holiday in Evpatoria, Ian enrolled in a course of Dolphin therapy. So they’re familiar, and – Jan and Jan, her friend the Dolphin.

“We met, we israelisrael in the ring, then the ball, then I went down into the water and began to stroke,” says Ian.

Amateur video still have those moments. And Ian is reviewing the film dozens of times, yearning for his friend. Because now she sees images and objects, watches TV and uses her laptop.

“At Yana’s was range multiple diagnoses. There were rather serious – on the background of cerebral palsy – problems with vision. We understand that the eye is the periphery – we rebuild, but at the level of the Central analyzer, at the Central level – we can stimulate it,” explains Director of the International Institute of the Dolphin therapy in Evpatoria, doctor of psychological Sciences Victor Lysenko.

Jan just celebrated her 10th birthday and made a wish – to see again Jan. She believes the Dolphin will help her recover and learn to walk.

Today already you will surprise nobody with remote sessions of therapy, when the doctor treats a patient, which is a thousand kilometers from it, with the help of modern communication. But now – for the first time in the world young patient at a distance treated be doctor Dolphin.

Ian seemed to feel that he has to do something unusual. Dolphin excited, visibly nervous, and people: learns whether an animal, even the most intelligent on Earth, in the image on the small screen – its Jan. And on the other side of the continent, Siberia and the girl is waiting for a new miracle.

Ian clapped in response. And then, waving her silver tail in farewell, disappeared in the depths of the pool. Yan long looked at the screen.

“Now she began to see, and I think that will achieve what she’s going to go. I think that people should want to achieve. And you’ll be fine,” said mom Jana.