How to enlarge penis. Traditional medicine
In the pursuit of centimeters, men are often reluctant to resort to surgery, looking for possible alternatives. Often to find acceptable ways to penis enlargement. many climb with this issue…

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Alternative medicine is a serious danger
Despite the existence of effective treatments, continuous research and development of new drugs, still in Russia and the Crimea there is such a thing as "alternative medicine". As has told…

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Medicinal plants. Cranberry – natural antibiotic (healthy and clinical nutrition)

Cranberries have long been valued in Russia, it is often referred to as the “Northern lemon”. This berry contains a whole bunch of useful substances: vitamins. trace elements, quinic acid, lots of citric acid. In cardiovascular disease cranberry has the property to regulate blood clotting. For this cranberry eat 50-100 g in the intervals between meals (without sugar or honey).

Cranberry stimulates the pancreas, has a General tonic effect on the body, increasing mental and physical activity. Cranberry is a good diuretic, the berries recommended for diseases of kidneys and urinary tract.

Finnish doctors as a result of research have found that cranberry juice is an excellent remedy in the prevention and treatment of urological infections. According to them, regular intake of 50-100 ml of cranberry juice a day prevents the aggravation of urinary tract infections in women.

It turns out that cranberry is a natural antibiotic, and it can prevent many infections. Doctors advise to alternate cranberry juice and mineral water Essentuki-17. He explained to me that the alternation of acidic and alkaline is very good for the body and practically sterilizes the urinary tract. You need to drink, alternating every other day, day – mineral water (about 1 liter) and another day in cranberry juice , and stewed cranberries.

But cranberry juice is contraindicated in gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

As you know, cranberry treats and prevents many infections. It will help to save you from E. coli, bacteria responsible for caries and inflammation of gums (cranberry extract plan to include even the composition of toothpastes), and against the mighty microbe Helicobacter pylori that causes peptic ulcer disease and stomach cancer.

Don’t drink juice during acute gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Cranberries are even active against those bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. But cranberry works so subtly that the bacteria can not cope with it. Moreover, cranberry is active against influenza viruses and herpes.

In addition to these specific cranberry proanthocyanidins are found only in blueberries, blueberry, plum, avocado, ground nuts, cinnamon and curry.

Cranberry has a lot of flavonoids have a powerful antioxidant effect, it is useful not only in fighting infections, but may protect against major diseases of our time – cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, coronary heart disease, stroke) and malignant tumors.

Any useful cranberries — fresh, dried, frozen, nectar and cranberry juice. Juice, sold in packages, you can also drink, it contains not less than 15% cranberry juice. This is almost 2 times less than in the nectar, and therefore the juice you need to drink more. Of course, the “liquid cranberry” to eat easier: easier to drink 300 ml of nectar, than to eat about the same amount of fresh or frozen berries But do not forget that the juice and nectar a lot of sugar. Therefore, often eat the berries.

There is a good “dish” from frozen cranberries is prepared very quickly. In moderately hot tea, throw a handful of frozen berries. To use them better by using a tea spoon and as quickly as possible so that cranberry has time to melt only the top remained frozen at depth. The combination of hot tea with cold “inside” berries “combined with” cranberry flavor, very nice. And when the berries thaw, they can be crushed with a spoon and get a classic tea with cranberry – thing is also good and useful.