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Severely dry skin of hands: the problem solution

Many people, especially at Mature age, had to deal with a problem like dry skin of the hands. The skin on the hands becomes not very attractive, there are cracks, sores and painful roughness, which leads to unpleasant sensations when touched. But before you can solve the problem of being very dry hands skin and return the healthy appearance of the skin, you should understand why there is such reaction of the skin.

What causes severely dry hands?

So, you should understand why the skin on our hands becomes excessively dry.

In everyday life often have to use different detergents and cleaning agents that contain components leading to the loss of moisture of the skin on the hands.

While every day on the street, your hands are exposed to the environment (scorching rays of the sun, strong wind, frost).

Of course, those products that are used every day have an impact on the condition of the skin of the hands.

It may be that on the skin of the hands appeared a rash or redness. In this case, without consulting a doctor can not do.

Insufficient amount of drinking fluid can also cause severely dry skin.

And of course, one cannot ignore nasledstvennye and the natural ageing processes of the body.

The ways to solve the problem of dry hands

To protect from the harmful effects of cleaning chemicals will help the gloves of a thin rubberized material, or cosmetic cream with moisturizing substances.

You should not forget that you have gloves or mittens. This item of clothing will help to keep the skin and protect from harmful influence of weather factors.

If very dry hands skin, your diet should include more fruit and vegetables, the vitamins that promote healthier skin.

Only a qualified dermatologist can determine the cause of the external skin defect and appropriate treatment.

The optimum amount of water required to maintain water balance of the whole body, including the skin, is approximately two liters per day.

To retain moisture of the skin will help specialized cosmetics directed action.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to solve the problem by buying the most expensive moisturizer when very dry hand skin. Enough each day to use the most common cosmetic creams for moisturizing. The use of extra nourishing masks or compresses infusion of herbs will help restore your hands attractive and healthy appearance.

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