Chinese medicine
Life energy CHI In accordance with the principles of the East and, in particular, Chinese medicine, every living organism characterized by the presence of vital energy - CHI (or QI).…

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Artichoke - medicinal properties and use in medicine
The artichoke is a herbaceous plant with large inflorescences, which belongs to the family Asteraceae. Has a gray-green, branched, erect stem to 2 m tall. Its flowers are purple-blue to…

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Special animals: a burden to family or best friends and psychologists?

An animal with a disability. What is your first reaction to this phrase? Pity? Horror? Disgust? “Why is that? You put it down, it has no name.” the most common reaction of people on the three pawed dog or cat semi-paralyzed.

Among our students there is a special category – animals-with disabilities. Everyone has a complicated history. But it’s not about the tragedy, remaining in the past. It’s about special animals who feel the most normal and give ten times more emotional, but still better than any teach psychologists how to live happily.

With disabilities. I caught myself thinking that their inconsistencies are not called ‘disabled’, – says Olga Krieger, curator of the dogs of the public movement “Give paw”. A dog without paws, a dog without eyes, Vika-trehlapye. Called differently, but do not use the word disabled. I would take the dog, as most people call them, invalid? Don’t even hesitate. The lack of legs, eyes, two legs does not change the essence.

The dog is in distress, suffered pain, received the care of man is a thousand times more grateful even than healthy dogs. Olga knows about special animals. Her care of 14 dogs with amputated legs, the blind, the one-eyed, allergies. Atos – dog new to the team. The injured dog was found on barsove. Fracture of the scapula, contusion of the chest, hanging loose forepaw.To operate vets banned – too was breathing heavily, afraid that will not withstand anesthesia.

– He realizes that he want to help, endure all of the procedures, – says Olga. – Faithfully looks into his eyes, and, most likely, does not understand why now with him not caring master, but a stranger.

Athos was in the collar, but the search for owners was not successful. After a few days the dog became better and he was operated. Unfortunately, the leg could not be saved

– Very hard he takes the loss. Complains, resents me. Today I let sleep in the bed. Such a smart dog. I Pat him, and he grumbles in response. Could talk – a lot would have said – Olga is incredibly touching cares about the Atos, as well as of all other wards.

Not rare are cases when the loss of limb pet or the ability to move normally literally introduces the hosts of the animal into a stupor. They think that the pet will suffer from their own inferiority and depression, and fear that now the animal is an enormous burden, which pisses himself and fails even to be alone. And all these thoughts most often lead owners to the fact that they either abandon their favorite animals and throw them to the mercy of fate, or require to be put down.

To disability more often than not brought, and immediately lulls, there are options to operate (and the animal will become invalid) or to lull people chose to euthanize – confirms veterinarian Maya Mikhaleva.

Also for those who are going to take the animal, the disabled person for some reason is totally unacceptable. People are convinced that taking such a beast is impossible that he should only have to care for and treat, affection or playfulness from such a pet will not wait. But you just try to take the family dog with the feature. And after a while you will realize that you absolutely do not notice the lack of eyes, lack of feet. Before you will be just a dog, the most alive and real, the most grateful and loyal! Each of us wants to be desired for someone. Taking a dog or cat, you will feel its importance particularly acute. Do not feel sorry for these animals! Pity paw her not to return, but be proud of the success of such Pets need.