Alternative medicine: advantages and disadvantages
Non-traditional (folk) medicine is a force of nature, and the treatment with the natural resources. It is believed that this method has positive effects on the body. Man is a…

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Alternative medicine really
Project Manager — candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Lugin Vladimir Grigor'evich, graduated from physical faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University and the Military Academy…

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Alternative medicine in Germany

After the reunification in 1990 Germany has become more diverse. Now she not only located in the heart of Europe, but also in a literal sense lives there: being open on all sides and ready to establish new relationships with old neighbors.

In Germany remained loyal to its rich change 2000 years of history. Here was the homeland of the ancient Germanic tribes, and a Roman province, and the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, and many small States led more than 350 princes and kings, and the German Empire.

As this is rich in historic events the earth lives in Germany today. At every step traces left by successive epochs. All these Dukes, princes, Dukes, archbishops, kings and emperors built a nationwide castles, magnificent residences, palaces with beautiful parks and gardens, a proud city with churches, monasteries and cathedrals. The legacy of the middle ages and the burghers defines even today the appearance of many cities, creating an impressive contrast to the modern architecture.

So makes sense to get to know Germany better. And although everyone will be looking at Germany with his eyes and will take home razadine experience, in any case, the quality of these experiences will be such that they will remain for life.

This country posmalaysia the diversity of natural landscapes and mentality at every step. After a few kilometers You find yourself in a different natural area, and especially not through the windshield of Your car, and from the deck of a tourist ship since Germany is a country of waterways. of rivers and lakes.

On the coast there are ancient medieval castles, looking for who understand that history has stopped. This is romantic Germany. Strange mixture of past and present constitute the German city. allumina cultural centers not only in Russia but throughout Europe. Germany’s cultural life is very diverse and has a long-standing, stretching back to the mists of tradition. One of which is congenital to the German hospitality. Germany is the perfect place for lovers of medical and outdoor activities. and for people who want to improve their health on a secular resorts, described Turgenev. Stay on the Islands and the coast of the Baltic sea and the North sea is ideal for those who can not tolerate change of climatic zones and are subject to allergic reactions.

Time. Average (behind Moscow for 2 hours).

Capital. Berlin.

Language. German. English is widely spoken, French is spoken primarily in the Saarland.

Population. In Germany live about 82 million people, 94% of them were Germans.

Transport. In Germany, Europe’s best highways. Travel on it for free. There is a strict timetable bus and rail transport. It is recommended to buy a travel ticket, as the fines for fare evasion is high enough. Taxis can be hailed on the street. When using taxis, there are 2 types of rates: ordinary and higher (valid on holidays and weekends).

Money. From 1 January 2002 the single European currency, the Euro replaced the German mark.

Kitchen. A traditional dish is, of course, pork leg with sauerkraut. The national cuisine is quite hearty and rich. It should be borne in mind that in many cities, except Berlin and Hamburg, cooks remove the apron at 22.00. Beer is the most popular German drink, but Germany is also one of the world leaders in the production of wines.

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