Shamans of Peru
Herbert lecture of Quinteros, legendary hereditary Peruvian shaman and healer. Herbert will talk about the shamanic traditions and their origins, their personal experience of healing, will answer all your questions…

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"Russian" expert on alternative medicine in the West, get sick more often
Despite huge advances, "Western" medicine is practically powerless against a number of serious diseases, and often can only offer symptomatic treatments. According to the Director of the natural College of…

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What is alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine is the term for various alternative treatment methods and diagnostic concepts, in contrast to the scientifically-oriented medicine.

Some methods of treatment of nonconventional medicine can be viewed below:

Homeopathic remedies, this method of prevention and treatment of diseases drugs solely from natural, vegetable origin, in the form of drops, tablets, capsules. The aim of homeopathy to initiate a healing power (vitality) of the organism against certain diseases, though based on individual selection of drugs for the treatment homeopathic treatment method has many advantages over traditional medicine, it is high efficiency in case of individual use, while addiction to drugs is not, in many cases, full healing, combining with other medications. and one of the most important advantages is the safety.

Homeopathy in a larger case treats a patient with specific symptoms and not the disease itself

To distinguish homeopathy from herbal medicine, you must know that homeopathic remedies uses not only herbs, but also minerals, mushrooms, oils, roots and tree bark and even poisons, and in the Arsenal of herbal medicine, it is medicinal plants, which are preparing the water extracts, alcohol tinctures, decoctions, made from plants is almost complete extraction of the biologically activehost. Ingestion of extracts of herbs gives good results for the treatment of various diseases and affects the human body beneficial effects, it can even cleanse the whole body from harmful toxins and increasing immunity.

Very well the treatment of many diseases such as, colds, diseases of the eye

diseases of oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract, neurological diseases, and much more, but of course every illness requires consultation with a physician

Bioresonance therapy

All human bodies has a certain, own frequency of vibration, so with the help of devices bioresonance therapy is possible to diagnose the disease at an early stage, identifying the deviation from normal frequency fluctuations of the same organ, and to determine the causative agent of the disease.

In the treatment of bio-resonance therapy device is affected by certain frequencies on the human body with die various viruses, parasites, fungi, the same bioresonance therapy helps to correct the imbalance of biological processes in the human body and especially helps in the treatment of various chronic diseases, eliminates various headaches, the treatment of gastric diseases, various paralysis, orthopedic diseases, rheumatism, skin diseases, allergies, herpes and many more.

Strong non-traditional medicine in China, Tibetan medicine, as well as in Germany quite well and many use for treating the whole spectrum of alternative medicine, especially well-developed industry for production of drugs from natural raw materials, oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients.

If desired, treated in Germany or unconventional methods to combine with traditional methods, write to us