Since ancient times in Russia bath was considered immutable attribute of a healthy lifestyle of any person. Indeed, the advantages of the bath is much greater than the disadvantages. And…

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10 grandma's tips that will turn you into a beauty!
Not always healthy beauty a result of enhanced rubbing into the skin expensive cosmetics. Excellent appearance in adulthood is often the result of the hard work on your lifestyle and…

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Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine – an amazing gift that exists in nature for the treatment of our body. Unfortunately we are not always ready and willing to use this gift of nature for treatment of diseases. The healing properties of traditional medicine, which possess medicinal plants is truly inexhaustible and cherish a lot of what we do not yet know, but more effective influence in the treatment of diseases, strengthen our health with the support of traditional medicine. As a method of treatment, traditional medicine is widely used at the present day. It is also believed that in the world there is no plant that had no health, no positive effect.

Five thousand years ago, people used tools and techniques of traditional medicine to promote health, treat diseases. About the properties of plants and folk remedies known by the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians. they are widely used in practice treatment with the support of traditional medicine, and very successfully. Already in the middle of the century the methods of treatment with the support of traditional medicine used throughout and healers of those years perfectly have all the methods and ways of national treatment. The founder of medicine Hippocrates is considered, which is easily cured people with the support of traditional medicine, using as medicines in different medicinal plants. So for example in times of epidemics are widely used burning at the stake of various herbs in the cities, ispolzovaniye having antimicrobial activity, such as lavender. In Russia since ancient times was used in the bath birch broom. As you know birch leaves also possess antibacterial properties. With the invention of antibiotics in the 20th century, there was wide advertising company of new types of drugs, it dealt a serious blow to traditional medicine, doctors felt that discovered the cure for all diseases. But then it turned out that viruses and bacteria mutate and adapt to antibiotics, which makes their subsequent use is not effective. Besides antibiotics cause serious complications. Continue reading

Traditional recipes of beauty: face masks

A wonderful procedure for the care and nourishment of the skin are masks, which activates blood circulation and improves nutrition of the skin and the complexion becomes better.

Traditional recipes of beauty has always included caring for the person applying nourishing masks from natural products. You can use all the reserves that you have are in the fridge and in the kitchen: eggs, cereals,milk, curd, honey.

Five efficient in its action and time-tested recipes offers Your I sominka . All masks are easy to make at home from available ingredients, they are suitable for different skin types and age.

A hydrating mask is useful to do 2-3 times a week, only then you can achieve amazing results: purification, rejuvenation, improve skin condition and complexion.

In the evening, after removing make-up. apply the mask from the bottom up massaging gently for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water and rinse your face with cool or softened water, or weak tea or herbal tea. After that, you can apply a nourishing cream that fits your skin type. So, the best traditional recipes of beauty — the magnificent five nourishing masks for all types of skin.

For dry and normal skin

Mix one egg yolk with one spoon oseanografi pre-milled in a coffee grinder until a homogeneous mass. Hold the resulting mass on the face for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

For aging skin

Melt one tablespoon of honey and add one tablespoon of flour, mix well and then add egg white. After 20 minutes on the face film is formed, you will need to remove with a dry cotton swab.

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